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Your client relationship, supercharged.

At its core, a successful financial plan is the product of a strong relationship between you and your client.

Over years, if not decades, you help clients understand their financial goals, manage uncertainty about the future, and solve real-world financial problems. Above all, you're there to help clients make smarter financial decisions, coaching them through good times and bad.

So why confine your client relationships to infrequent in-person meetings?

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Real Finance allows you to reach more clients, have a greater impact in their lives, and cultivate more meaningful relationships through collaborative financial education.

  • Education - Guided by You

    Why refer clients to commercial websites or books when you can lead the learning experience? Customize hundreds of topics, plus videos, assessments, and calculators with your unique point of view. Add your own images, content or customize ours.

    Client questions are directed to you through our secure messaging system, so your guidance is always just a click away.

  • Client Insights

    Each client builds a personalized portfolio based on your suggestions and their interests. Portfolios include course results, missed quiz questions, self-reported assessments, monthly budgets, financial goals, plus more.

    Have more productive conversations based on each client's work. Client-specific and aggregate metrics are available.

  • Continual Contact

    Real Finance is not a boilerplate content marketing program, but you can build deeper engagement with clients (and potential clients) with This Week @ Real Finance and the Financial Wellness Center. Choose topics that amplify your unique point of view.

    This Week content is also ideal for posting on social media - highly relevant, general interest articles that are branded to your firm, including a firm profile and contact information.

  • Community Outreach

    The Real Finance platform can be used for both deep-learning with clients and as a financial education resource for your community. Provide access to employers, community organizations, and any other organization in need of online financial education.

    Real Finance membership is an ideal compliment to in-person presentations and seminars. Customize curricula for each group and track engagement using administrative tools.

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About Real Finance

Real Finance is a product of Decision Partners, a leader in online financial education. For the first time, Real Finance offers advisors access to the proven online learning platform that's used by major banks, national non-profits, state-affiliated organizations, and hundreds of universities.

Real Finance blends best-in-class learning technology with the personalized collaboration and guidance that only you can give.

There are four components to Real Finance:

  • Financial Engagement Platform - Our proprietary platform adapts to each client's goals, encouraging them explore topics they may not have considered before. Each client creates a portfolio of exercises, assessments, and courses - helping you gain insight into their needs and interests for more productive meetings and conversations.

    This Week @ Real Finance brings new financial education topics to your clients' inboxes each week. Clients also have access to our 150,000+ word library, including dozens of videos, interactive exercises, and assessments. You can choose which courses to offer, tailor them to the needs of your clients, and even add your own content (including survey and quiz questions) in just a few clicks.

  • Secure Communication Tools - Real Finance includes messaging, data sharing, and customer relationship management tools that help you meet client needs quickly and efficiently. All communication is contained securely and is logged for future reference. If client has a simple question, answer when you have a moment. If his or her concern is more complex, schedule a meeting. Either way, your clients gets something that only a real advisor can provide - peace of mind.

  • Community and Social Media Outreach - In addition to using personalized Real Finance tools with your clients, your branded This Week @ Real Finance service is optimized for sharing over social media. Promote any This Week article or the entire series. Add your own introductions, customize your weeks, and even add your own articles. We even supply a library of over 200 images for use with your content.
  • Advanced Data Reporting - These real-time tools offer both member-specific and aggregate insights that will improve your practice. Member-specific reporting includes course grades, missed quiz questions, engagement statistics, and financial exercises including monthly budgets, notes/saved content, financial goals, budget-to-actuals calculations, and additional financial assessments. Aggregate reporting includes course survey answers and quiz results.

Real Finance is ready to use right now, with no set up or IT requirements on your end. A modern, fully responsive design delivers a great experience on any device - including PCs, smart phones, and tablets.

For firms with specific branding and content needs, we also offer custom solutions that can seamlessly integrate Real Finance into the look and feel of your website. We offer a range of content and platform customization options, including single sign-on integration with your existing client management system, line-by-line content editing, and the modification of Real Finance calculators/assessments. We're also happy to produce custom videos, topic modules, and assessments based on your needs.

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